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Tristan de Kerros

Senior Expert on international business

Tristan de Kerros has 20 years of field experience in international B2B/B2C, channels development and business unit management within large global corporate entities or SME’s.

 He has been active in business management for European and North American players in ITC and Power Systems in the EMEA region.  He is today Regional Director Middle East for a French power safety solutions manufacturer.

 He joined EXPERTISE FRANCE external consultants’ team in 2017.

As part of the SLEIDSE program, Tristan leads a bootcamp on how to “Grow Business Internationally”.

 Focus is made on being strategic, seeking out information and securing finance to help small businesses export and make international activity a success. It cover topics which include social media selling, finding  foreign partners, the latest e-commerce trends, opportunities in the Middle East and GCC’s, Sub-Saharan African markets….

 Tristan is  French national living in Dubai, he is married and has three kids