SLEIDSE organizes a high level business plan contest with Libya Enterprise

//SLEIDSE organizes a high level business plan contest with Libya Enterprise

SLEIDSE organizes a high level business plan contest with Libya Enterprise

On 11 May 2017 in Tunis, 10 talented Libyan entrepreneurs will participate in a Business plan pitch competition during a high level ceremony in Tunis, where they will present their business plan ideas in front of an audience composed of international investors and incubators, international businesses, media and high-ranking officials with the presence of the Ambassador of the European Union.

The business plan contest is part of a larger project aiming at supporting Economic Integration, Diversification and Sustainable Environment in Libya (SLEIDE) financed by the European Union and implemented by the Expertise France.

10 applicants trained and invited to participate in Tunis

The Business Plan Competition is open since 2nd of March 2017 to all Libyan entrepreneurs: more than 1000 applications have been received coming from all backgrounds of Libya. This great success shows how today, Libya is keen to open and develop businesses.

Libya Enterprise, the Libyan SME agency, and co-organizer of the Business plan contest, has selected 10 entrepreneurs (3 women and 7 men), who have been invited for an intensive field trip in Tunis at the beginning of May:

– They received a training delivered by 2 high level experts on business plan pitches in order to learn how to present their business ideas in front of a professional audience;

– They visited 2 technoparks in Tunisia and got in contact with Tunisian startups;

– They go the opportunity to liaise and get coached by international incubators.

These dynamic and enthusiast entrepreneurs were prepared to participate in the last and more challenging step of the selection process: the pitch of their business ideas in front of a large audience during a high level ceremony in Tunis. 3 of them will be finally selected through a vote involving a 7-person jury composed of representatives of the European Union Delegation, Expertise France, Libya Enterprise, SMEs from Libya and Tunisia, and 2 sponsors, Enmaa for Oil and Gas and Libya.

The audience will also take part to the vote: businessmen from Libya, Tunisia and France, 8 incubators and Libyan sponsors. During the competition, 5 round tables will facilitate exchanges about investment and incubation among the guests.

In organizing such an ambitious event, SLEIDSE program and Libya Enterprise not only reward talented entrepreneurs with prizes amounting to 15,000 LD; they also aim to support business talents flourish in Libya and help them liaise with international players, such as international investors and incubators. Therefore, they plan to organize other sessions if this competition turns to be successful.

Sleidse programme and Libya Enterprise

The Support to Libya for Economic Integration, Diversification and Sustainable Environment (SLEIDSE) program is a 4-year program aiming to promote the development of dynamic and diversified micro, small and medium enterprises capable of creating employment and livelihoods in Libya, with a focus on youth and women. SLEIDSE program is implemented by Expertise France and funded by the European Union.

One of its main activities is to raise the capacities of business support organizations in Libya in partnership with Libya Enterprise. Libya Enterprise is the national business support organization in Libya; with incubators and business support centers in all Libya’s territory, it has all infrastructure and expertise to bring an efficient support to new businesses.

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