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Total Progress

Total Project Progress

Disseminating the entrepreneurship culture

Organising 2 Business Plan contests
Development of our social media
10 Mentoring videos
15 Bootcamps for entrepreneurs

Improving business services delivery

Strengthening the capacities of Libya Enterprise
Libya Enterprise's Assessment
LE Reengineering reports
Training of LE's top manager
Development of LE website

Establishment of Business Incubators

Identification of partners
Design of the capacity building programme
2 Study tours organized
5 training programmes organised
Communication campaign
Incubators opening

E Business Incubator

Design of the curriculum
100 hours of course available
5000 enrolees

Access to finance

Credit grantee fund

Identification of pilot bank
Training of the credit guarantee fund (10 Sessions)
Training of the banks (3 Sessions)
2 Study tours

Micro finance product

Feasibility study
Identification of pilot banks
Fund raising

Crowdfunding platform

Feasibility study

Strengthening the capacities of the Chambers of Commerce

Chambers of Commerce assessment of needs
Design of capacity building activities
Delivery of management capacity building support
Delivery of communication capacity building support
Delivery of partnership & networking capacity building support
Elaboration of 8 types of new & enhanced streamlined business support services