Libyan Chambers of Commerce trained on Outsourcing

//Libyan Chambers of Commerce trained on Outsourcing

Libyan Chambers of Commerce trained on Outsourcing

In October and November 2018, 17 mid-level and general managers of 4 pilot Chambers’ staff were trained by SLEIDSE in Expertise Outsourcing and Partnership Development along with other Libyan institutions in order to offer an extended range of operational support services to entrepreneurs. During these trainings, twelve potential priority partnerships were identified and 12 operational action plans were devised for implementation. Each of the 4 pilot Chambers of Commerce implemented a new business support service especially targeting young and new entrepreneurs: “Information and Advisory Sessions on How to Register Your Business Legally and Get Answers To Your Legal Issues”.

Over 130 young Libyan entrepreneurs attended the events and were trained to boost their business credibility but also to improve their access to finance and business development. Meanwhile, already established companies took this opportunity to review their legal structure and to identify potential new business partners among the new entrepreneurs attending the information and advisory sessions.

SLEIDSE supports 4 Libyan pilot Chambers of Commerce across the territory in Benghazi, Misrata, Sabah and Tripoli. Those Chambers provide a key institutional support for the development of Libyan enterprises to ensure a diversified and sustainable economic growth, besides the energy sector. Since 2018, together with the Libyan General Union of Chambers of Commerce, SLEIDSE regularly trains Chambers staff and develop new and better business support services for Chambers of Commerce enterprise members and young entrepreneurs.

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