SLEIDSE officially launched on a kick-off meeting on 28 November 2017

//SLEIDSE officially launched on a kick-off meeting on 28 November 2017

SLEIDSE officially launched on a kick-off meeting on 28 November 2017

On 28th November 2016, the official launch of the Support to Libya for Economic Integration, Diversification and Sustainable Development (SLEIDSE) programme, funded by the European Union with a contribution of France, and implemented by Expertise France, will take place in Tunis in the presence of senior Libyan officials, international support organizations and keyeconomic players.

This 4-year programme aims to promote the development of dynamic and diversified micro, small and medium enterprises capable of creating employment and livelihoods in Libya, with a focus on youth and women.

Fathi Al-Mijbari, Libya’s Deputy Prime Minister, states: “Libya warmly welcomes the European Union and France’s commitment. We need your help and support to pave the way for a better future, and this begins now”.

Bettina Muscheidt, Head of the European Union Delegation to Libya, stresses: “The crisis in Libya is painfully affecting people’s lives and opportunities for young Libyans to build a stable and prosperous Libya. The European Union is keen to develop ever closer ties with Libya, one of its key neighbours; Along with our support to the political process, we endeavour to assist economic recovery in every possible way, throughout the country and for all Libyans. This ambitious programme will help develop the skills and capacities, and hopefully allow talents to unfold, creating a new generation of dynamic Libyan entrepreneurs who will be actors of change towards economic
prosperity in Libya. »

Sebastien Mosneron Dupin, CEO of Expertise France, also states: “Expertise France is very proud to develop this very innovative programme, which is designed to help Libya recover from several years of wars and crisis. More important, we try to give the Libyan youth hope and tools to develop their own economic activity with the support of the main European economic actors.”

SLEIDSE programme achievements and future plans to develop Libya’s economic diversification

The programme intends to provide a support to economic reconstruction and development and skills empowerment for Libyan youth & women. The director of SLEIDSE programme will present the recent achievements of SLEIDSE programme and its first steps towards economic recovery:

Online training for aspiring entrepreneurs

On 25th October 2016, Expertise France in partnership with International Trade Center (ITC) launched an open platform to deliver professional training to would-be young entrepreneurs in Libya. It focuses on the knowledge and skills to acquire to run and start a sound business in Libya. To know more, please visit the platform:

Youth aspirations survey

The objectives of this research, which is being draft by Altai Consulting for Expertise France, are to:

  • Provide a comprehensive and up-to-date picture of youth labor market dynamics in Libya,
  • Analyze key underlying obstacles to business start-up and trends of entrepreneurship,
  • Identify promising areas for future interventions.

The research is based on a comprehensive survey involving young Libyan entrepreneurs and business support organizations.

Strengthening the capacities of the national SME body

SLEIDSE programme has engaged a series of technical assistance activities, including a training session and the collaborative draft of a strategic paper, in order to help Libya Enterprise, a national business support organization, improve its abilities to meet the needs of entrepreneurs and define its action plan.

Improving access to finance

The programme also aims to assess the current situation of access to finance in Libya and to share the best practices among international players on this topic. In particular, the ultimate aim of this activity is to build up a credit guarantee scheme, equipped with procedures to offer finance solutions to aspiring entrepreneurs, SMEs and large companies.

During the meeting, question and answer session will occur between ITC, students and Libya Enterprise about disseminating the entrepreneurship culture in Libya, and the quality of the services offered by Libya Enterprise and other key players to entrepreneurs.

Meeting Agenda


Nessrin Gaddah, SLEIDSE Communication Officer

Expertise France is the French public agency for international technical assistance. It aims at contributing to sustainable development based on solidarity and inclusiveness, mainly through enhancing the quality of public policies within the partner countries. Expertise France designs and implements cooperation projects addressing skills transfers between professionals. The agency also develops integrated offers, assembling public and private expertise in order to respond to the partner countries’ needs.

The European Union is made up of 28 Member States, which have decided to gradually pool their know-how, their resources and their destiny. Together, over a period of over 50 years of enlargement, they have built an area of stability, democracy and sustainable development, while maintaining their cultural diversity, tolerance and individual freedoms. The European Union is determined to share its achievements and values with countries and peoples beyond its borders.

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